Sennheiser IE8 OEM / FAKE Review

Sennheiser IE8 OEM

Okay I got myself a pair of 2 Sennheiser IE8s. Both are the so called "OEM" versions of the said model.
I only wanted to buy 1 but the guy I bought it from gave me a buy the first at full and buy the 2nd at only 20% the price, so there I bought two pieces.

My main purpose was only to try out the sound quality if it passes my rather demanding music ears.

Inspecting the box I noticed the major give away which was the misplaced bar code on the bottom of the box.  As you can see in the image above, the bar code starts at the bottom of
the letter R of the word SENNHEISER which was one of the major flaws of the OEM variants.

Nearly perfect copy from the original if I may so myself. So cutting the seal at the back, which is also present in the original variant, I get to remove the hard plastic covering the inside of the box as seen in the image below.

On removal of the hard plastic covering, I was able to access the mesh on top of the IEM.
As you can see, the visible part in the box is the IEM and 4 tips for it. A close up picture on the IEM is shown below.

Removing the mesh reveals the tray where the IEM and the 4 tips are placed. The tray is also the storage container for the IEM where it is placed in the box included.

Let's go deeper. After removing the tray we see the box with all the accessories of the IE8 inside it.

The Box and the accessories shown below.

The accessories are as follows ( from left to right ):
* Sennheiser Cable Clip
* 1 Pair Ear Hook
* Extended Set of Ear Tips
  ** 3 Standard Ear tips
  ** 3 Lamellar Ear Tips
  ** 2 Foam Tips
  ** 2 Mushroom Tips
* Dry Salt Pad

Going back to the tray, underneath the tray is the cleaning and adjustment tool. Also, there is a small compartment where you can place your ear tips, or the salt pad.

Now going to the IEM.
The IEM themselves are well detailed, it would be able to deceive anyone not familiar with the cosmetics of the original unit.

The sound quality of these IEMs were great, boasting a good balance of treble and bass. Without even changing anything on the player, the Bass control on the IEM works perfectly. Giving out a greater amount of Bass depending on the adjustment on either ear of the IEM.

All instruments could be heard, even the slightest click of the cymbal.

As an avid music lover and a video editor, I would recommended these earphones to those who love music but has a very tight budget.

But for those who're after the prestige of owning one of these powerful IE8s, well these aren't for you.

All in all, these "OEM" IE8s are great enough for the ears of a music lover with a shallow pocket.


biLLy ^^ said...

Thanks for this review! I bought an OEM as well and I'm quite happy with it. :)

Omar said...

Which one of these is considered "fake and which one is real?

Aki said...

The difference is difficult to spot. Even the sound quality is nearly the same. Only a slight variation in the bass.

chris said...

I love your review and this is very useful for me to identify an fake IE8. However I wonder if you have any closer shots on the sennheiser logo on the earbud. It's also one of the charateristics for identifying fake IE8s. I have 2 different sets of fake IE8s, each with different build quality on their sennheiser logos yet none of them work with the bass control. So I would like to know where and how much do you get this set of fake IE8.
Many Thanks!

Patrick said...

These sennheiser headphones are really great. Most of important thing is that it have Velour ear pads.

Norman3000 said...

Good day friend! I would like to ask, do these OEM Ie8s sound great? I currently have Sennheiser Mx 170, planning to buy new ones with good bass, by any chance, would you recommend these to me? thanks,

loved your review

Norman3000 said...

@I see you may also be a thomasian, i have previously owned these but they were destroyed by my classmate, where did you get yours and how much? thank you :)

Aki said...

@Norman3000 I used to distribute these before. Now you can buy them off almost anywhere. What happened to yours?

Norman3000 said...

my classmate detached the cord from the earphones now its 100% unrepairable, BTW this is a very nice review, this was actually the blog that convinved me to buy it, though now, I am torn between OEM Ie8 or Original Mx471 :))

Aki said...

Define detached? You do know that you can buy an IE8 cable separately? I'd still go for the IE8s. SQ is still better imo.

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